December 17th, 2011

Sears, Scheid Receive Swim Honors

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

Sears, Scheid Receive Swim Honors
photo by Sarah Menefee

Brother Fabius Invitational promotes service

Another holiday season in Louisville brings another chance within the Louisville high school community to honor Brother Fabius, C.F.X., who started the St. Xavier High School swim program in 1946.

“He was a great man, and at St. X, we’ve heard a lot about him,” said Michael Scheid. “He founded the St. Xavier swimming program and to be honored with his award is an honor in itself. St. X Swimming has taught me about teamwork and working hard even when things don’t go my way. I will take those lessons with me when I go to Notre Dame next year.”

Scheid, a senior swimmer and captain at St. X, along with Rebecca Sears, a senior swimmer and captain at Sacred Heart Academy attending University of Louisville next year, received the Brother Fabius Award today at Ralph Wright Natatorium for their athletic, academic and service contributions.

“It’s really nice to see the swimming community support not only swimming but academic and community service efforts,” said Sears. “I have loved my four years at SHA, and I’ve learned about leadership and standing behind your teammates here. Leadership is something you can always use in life, and I’ve learned about that with SHA swimming.”

Brother Fabius, C.F.X., organized swimming for Flaget High School, Manual High School and Male High School, in addition to his contributions to St. X. When he retired, he spent much of his time helping the underprivileged in New York City. Thus, the invitational named after him invites schools in the Louisville and surrounding area to participate in a meet with a friendly, fun environment without a scoring process.

“The meet is fun for the guys because they just finished exams, and there is less pressure because there is no score,” said St. Xavier Head Swim Coach Todd Larkin. “This meet allows our team to swim some different events and have fun.”

And Larkin added that he is thrilled for Scheid with his honor today.

“I can’t say enough about Michael,” said Larkin. “He’s a quality guy. He’s so talented, and he gives back to the sport by working in clinics and Special Olympics.”

Sacred Heart Academy Head Swim Coach Jim Luebbe also added that the meet offers a positive environment for his team and other teams to get together for fun competition while also honoring seniors that gives back to the community.

“For the Brother Fabius Award and Christian values, I look up to Rebecca as a role model. She’s a strong woman of great faith,” said Luebbe. “She leads by example, and she’s inspiring to be around. She encourages others, and she does what is needed by the team.”

While the Brother Fabius Invitational Meet was not scored, many strong performances came from schools such as Sacred Heart Academy, St. Xavier High School, Trinity High School, Ballard High School, Kentucky Country Day, Assumption High School and Kentucky Country Day.

Find complete results from today’s meet at this link:


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