August 27th, 2011

St. Catharine College Construction Continues

Sarah Newell

CSN Staff Writer

St. Catharine College Construction Continues
photo from St. Catharine College

Community excited about new beginnings on campus

As the new school year is already underway, so are the finishing touches on the athletic fields at St. Catharine College in St. Catharine, Kentucky.

“Our construction affects different sports, but it’s one project in a sense,” said Sports Information Director/Associate Athletic Director Tom Bystrek. “It’s a 4-5 acre project encompassing the tennis, track and soccer facilities.  So, excitement is spread out among those sports, and the whole student body is excited for the start of an intramural program.”

St. Catharine College, currently home to roughly 380 student athletes, is part of the NAIA and Mid-South Conference. Bystrek says the renovations will help build up the athletics for years to come.

“It’s phenomenal (the construction),” said Bystrek. “We have 380 athletes on campus. When President Houston came, we had 150 full time students. Period. It’s changed since then.”

SCC just finished the final layer of asphalt on the track, and the athletic department looks to add a rubberized surface by the first of November.

“We haven’t had a track in Washington County, so this addition is a major boost for the community,” said Bystrek. “It’s a boost for the whole athletic department.”

In addition to the new track, the tennis courts are nearing a finish line date as well. There was rock laying on Friday for the beginning of the tennis court excavation, and the finished work for the six tennis courts began then as well with asphalt.

 “The courts should be playable within three weeks. The lighting for the new facilities is still in the works, but we are excited to start using the space,” said Bystrek.

As the school is excited for new track and tennis venues, the student athletes will have to wait just a little longer for use of the new soccer field.

“Because of some weather and delay from blasting to get rocks out, we will not be able to play on the soccer field this season. We are letting it get well established, and it will be ready by next spring,” said Bystrek. “There is some disappointment, but our soccer players can still see the near future.”

Bystrek says the new school year and new facilities have only increased positive awareness to the school, and of course, the athletics.

Said Bystrek: “All of these changes not only get current players excited, but it’s great recruiting tool. This year, we’ve started our swim program, and the only sport so far we’ve played is volleyball, and we are 5-0. It’s an exciting time to be around here for sure.”





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