October 23rd, 2012

Elementary Excellence: St. Andrew

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Conor Revell

Staff Writer

Elementary Excellence: St. Andrew
photo from St. Andrew Facebook Page

New AD prepares to take over in 2013

In 2013 Matt Gawarecki will take on the role as the new St. Andrew Parish and School Athletic Director. Even though 2013 is a few months away, Gawarecki is preparing to make a smooth transition and has already set some goals in the process.

“We are always trying to get as much participation as possible,” said Gawarecki. “We strive to teach our student athletes the values and fundamentals of each game so that they grow and work from a solid platform. We also want to teach them how to compete fairly and justly with a Christian attitude. We are currently working hard to realign and expand the athletic board in order to meet the rising needs of our school.”

Gawarecki wants a high participation rate, but he wants the kids to grow at the same time.

“Our mission is to assure the education of the whole child in a place where faith and friends can grow together,” said Gawarecki. “There is a real sense of this when you come into our community because we are like family. Everyone knows each other, and cares about the success of each program. Everyone works together. It is a positive feeling.”


Over 100 students participate in the sports program out of the 215 students that attend St. Andrew. Within the past few years they’ve added three new activities.


“We have picked up a new club, Archery,” said Gawarecki. “We do not plan to add any new sports this year after adding swimming and golf over the last few years.”


Although the program is one of the smallest in the CSAA, St. Andrew still finds success. Last year, the 7/8 Girls Basketball A/B team and 5/6 Girls Basketball A team went to the City finals. The Cross Country/Track team finished strong and in 2011 the St. Andrew baseball team won the city championship. Gawarecki expects his teams to be competitive again this year and is excited about the new direction their football team has taken.

“We are very excited about our 5/6 Grade Football team,” said Gawarecki. “Under the direction of our new head coach, Bob Bronger, we are undefeated and looking forward to the tournament.”

Gawarecki decided to volunteer as the St. Andrew AD because he wants to give back.

“I am transitioning to the Athletic Director position and will assume all duties on January 1, 2013,” said Gawarecki. “I am very excited to take this responsibility. My wife and family are behind me and I have felt only positive support from the Saint Andrew community.  My main reason for taking on this role is because I feel like I have been blessed with many gifts and I want to give something back. My plan is to lead by example and maintain the high level of spirituality and sportsmanship that makes up St. Andrew and St. Peter the Apostle.”


The students may be learning about sports while going through the athletic program, but Gawarecki mentions that’s it’s not just about the game. There’s a lot of faith teaching involved in their athletic program as well.


“The values that we want our athletes to take with them are the ones that they are going to use not only at the end of the day, but for the rest of their days,” said Gawarecki. “We want them to form values that will give them a solid foundation that they will build on as they grow and change. This includes Faith in God and themselves, high self-esteem, sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork and friendships that will last forever.” 



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