June 17th, 2013

Knights student-athletes earn Academic All-GLVC honors

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Knights student-athletes earn Academic All-GLVC honors

The Great Lakes Valley Conference announced Monday that exactly 2,000 student-athletes have garnered Academic All-GLVC honors for the 2012-13 season.  After setting a conference record with 1,680 honorees a year ago, the GLVC's member schools shattered the mark this season as representatives from the league's 18 sports met the Academic-All Conference criteria.

The increase of 320 student-athletes was aided by the addition of football in 2012, which boasted 144 honorees and included a combined 18 selections from GLVC associate members Central State University and Urbana University.  The balance, however, still equated to an 11-honoree average bump per school.  Not counting the 18 associate member selections, the 1,982 honorees from full-time GLVC members averaged out to 124 selections per school, which also broke last season's record average of 105.  Before last year, the per-school averages had been 98.5 in 2010-11 and 82.8 in 2009-10.

This year's recipients showcase the academic depth within the conference.  For the second consecutive season, the University of Indianapolis paced the league with 186 honorees, which included 28 football selections.  Without football, the Greyhounds nearly equaled their GLVC-leading total of 159 recipients from a year ago.  Bellarmine University was represented by 165 selections, while Maryville (160) rated third, McKendree (159) fourth, Lewis (158) fifth, and Drury (157) sixth.  All top-six programs marked their highest Academic All-GLVC totals in school history.

In addition, a conference-record 12 institutions had over 100 Academic All-GLVC selections, an improvement from last year's previous best of 10.  The other schools reaching 100 honorees included William Jewell (136), Missouri S&T (129), Saint Joseph's (125), Southern Indiana (120), Quincy (115) and Rockhurst (108).

The Academic All-GLVC honor is bestowed upon student-athletes who have completed two semesters at their institution and maintained a 3.30 cumulative grade-point average or have attained a 3.40 GPA over the two most recent semesters. Student-athletes who have attained a 3.40 GPA and not completed two semesters are also honored.

In its first season competing in the GLVC, McKendree led the conference by earning the most honorees in four sports, including volleyball (11), men's golf (10), women's golf (10) and women's tennis (8).  The Bearcats were a part of multiple-team ties in women's tennis and volleyball as Bellarmine, Drury and Maryville also boasted eight tennis honorees, while Lewis, Quincy, Rockhurst and Saint Joseph's each had 11 volleyball recipients as well.

Three institutions – Drury, Lewis and Maryville – ranked second in the GLVC for pacing the conference in three sports.  In addition to women's tennis, Drury recorded league-bests in baseball (25) and women's soccer (20); Lewis was represented in volleyball, men's track and field (19) and softball (18); and Maryville scored a GLVC-high in both men's (12) and women's (17) cross country in addition its eight women's tennis standouts.

Other sport leaders included Bellarmine men's tennis (9), UIndy men's soccer (19) and women's track and field (34), Rockhurst men's basketball (7), Wisconsin-Parkside women's basketball (12) and William Jewell football (31).

In terms of total honorees by sport, women's soccer earned a conference-high 229 selections after leading the league last year with 212 honorees.  Women's track and field (200) soared 34 selections from a year ago to rank second, followed closely behind by baseball (195), which increased 20 from 2012.

Excluding football and counting indoor and outdoor track and field as one sport for each gender, 11 of the 15 sports saw a spike in its total number of recipients from the previous season.  Men's soccer (176), which ranked third this year, posted a conference-best increase of 38 from its total of 138 honorees in 2012.

Rounding out the sport totals were softball (152/+21 from 2012), football (144/NA), volleyball (140/+10), women's basketball (127/-1), women's cross country (117/+12), men's track and field (112/-2), women's tennis (78/-7), men's cross country (77/-4), women's golf (73/+13), men's tennis (62/+5), men's basketball (61/+14), and men's golf (57/+4).

The complete list of 2012-13 Academic All-GLVC honorees is attached and can also be found online at GLVCsports.com.  Bellarmine honorees include (* indicates number of times honor has been received):

Anthony Baker, Bellarmine
Philip Forbis, Bellarmine**
Zachary Haynes, Bellarmine
Brian Hockman, Bellarmine***
Patrick Krumme, Bellarmine**
Phillip Leopold, Bellarmine**
Michael Morrissette, Bellarmine***
Joseph Patzelt, Bellarmine
Jason Sterrett, Bellarmine****
Men's Basketball 
Ryan Burton, Bellarmine**
Max Clemons, Bellarmine
Billy Edelen, Bellarmine
Keisten Jones, Bellarmine**
Steven Loveless, Bellarmine**
Cole Schafer, Bellarmine
Women's Basketball
Kylie Brady, Bellarmine
Nicole Bryant, Bellarmine
Morgan Clemons, Bellarmine**
Mary Dye , Bellarmine
Elizabeth Goodin, Bellarmine****
Lauren Jones, Bellarmine***
Kelsey Lamb, Bellarmine**
Therese Montano, Bellarmine***
Allison Osen, Bellarmine****
Chelsea Hawkins, Bellarmine**
Darion Hutchinson, Bellarmine
Men's Cross Country 
William Ford, Bellarmine**
Aaron Graves, Bellarmine**
Dominic Perronie, Bellarmine**
Robert Sandlin, Bellarmine***
Austin Zachary, Bellarmine
Women's Cross Country 
Jasmine Athanasakes, Bellarmine
Kara Atwell, Bellarmine
Rachel Clemons, Bellarmine
Molly Culbertson, Bellarmine****
Emily Frith, Bellarmine**
Cynthia Kiefer, Bellarmine
Megan Kaiser, Bellarmine****
Jenna Lee, Bellarmine****
Carissa Martin, Bellarmine***
Angela Musk, Bellarmine****
Flannery Musk, Bellarmine**
Virginia Steilberg, Bellarmine***
Sarah Turi, Bellarmine***
Briana Ulanowski, Bellarmine****
Rachel Whitman, Bellarmine**

Men's Golf 
Bradley Black, Bellarmine****
Ryan Glass, Bellarmine***
Bryan Ratterman, Bellarmine
Women's Golf 
Maria Farnsley, Bellarmine
Ellen Hosking, Bellarmine**
Leah Pehlke, Bellarmine***
Angela Pugliano, Bellarmine
Maggie Schad, Bellarmine****
Heidi Zimmerman, Bellarmine**

Men's Soccer 
Paul Althoff, Bellarmine****
Joseph Bettger, Bellarmine***
Robert Bowling, Bellarmine***
Conner Brehm, Bellarmine
Matthew Coffey, Bellarmine
Zachary Dedman, Bellarmine
Jon Hawkins, II, Bellarmine
Joshua Hubert, Bellarmine
Justin Klenke, Bellarmine***
Matthew Odem, Bellarmine***
Daniel Schiavi, Bellarmine
Andrew Selk, Bellarmine***
Women's Soccer 
Maura Gorman, Bellarmine**
Chloe Grammer, Bellarmine***
Kaylee Gabhart, Bellarmine*****
Allyson Palmer, Bellarmine****
Ashley Boyd, Bellarmine**
Darcy Egan, Bellarmine
Abby Janszen, Bellarmine**
Christina Kapsalis, Bellarmine****
Taylor Gamm, Bellarmine****
Jessica York, Bellarmine****
Virginia Zimlich, Bellarmine
Allison Menchak, Bellarmine**
Erin Ottman, Bellarmine
Amy Kunowski, Bellarmine
Chelsea McCarty, Bellarmine
Casey Cleary, Bellarmine**
Hannah Daunhauer, Bellarmine**
Amy Feie, Bellarmine
Allison Foster, Bellarmine
Madolin Garl, Bellarmine**
Megan Murdoch, Bellarmine****
Kayla Padgett, Bellarmine**
Madi Ratliff, Bellarmine*****
Tanner Tevis, Bellarmine**

Men's Tennis 
Carlos Antonioli, Bellarmine
Chris Cotton, Bellarmine****
Alan Gardiner, Bellarmine**
Michael Heinekamp, Bellarmine***
Jacob Knagenhjelm, Bellarmine**
Logan Knott, Bellarmine**
Igal Mostkov, Bellarmine**
Anton Rabinov, Bellarmine**
Jonathon Staff, Bellarmine**

Women's Tennis 
Jamie Claeys, Bellarmine***
Elizabeth Crush, Bellarmine**
Abigail Day, Bellarmine**
Abigail Dorton, Bellarmine**
Sarah Hutton, Bellarmine**
Hannah-Rose Hagan, Bellarmine**
Bevan Sparta, Bellarmine****
Evann Waschuk, Bellarmine**
Men's Track & Field 
Nathan Dotterweich, Bellarmine**
George Fehrenbacher, Bellarmine
Jared Findlater, Bellarmine****
William Ford, Bellarmine
Aaron Graves, Bellarmine
James Greenlee, Bellarmine****
Matthew Klosterman, Bellarmine
Bennet Kolb, Bellarmine
Nathan McKinney, Bellarmine***
Andrew McWhorter, Bellarmine
Jonathan Neff, Bellarmine
Dominic Perronie, Bellarmine
Whitield Pollock, Bellarmine
Robert Sandlin, Bellarmine**
Seth Sigler, Bellarmine
Benjamin Turi, Bellarmine**
Brian Ullrich, Bellarmine
Austin Zachary, Bellarmine

Women's Track & Field
Judith Albanese, Bellarmine
Jasmine Athanasakes, Bellarmine
Kara Atwell, Bellarmine
Nora Bowe, Bellarmine****
Rachel Clemons, Bellarmine
Molly Culbertson, Bellarmine**
Allison Echler, Bellarmine
Rachel Eyckmans, Bellarmine
Emily Frith, Bellarmine
Elizabeth Goodin, Bellarmine***
Kristin Hamrick, Bellarmine***
Nicole Hess, Bellarmine****
Megan Kaiser, Bellarmine***
Hayden Kelley, Bellarmine***
Cynthia Kiefer, Bellarmine
Remsing King, Bellarmine***
Elaine Kuntz, Bellarmine****
Jenna Lee, Bellarmine***
Carissa Martin, Bellarmine
Courtney McIntyre, Bellarmine
Angela Musk, Bellarmine***
Flannery Musk, Bellarmine
Katie Neiser, Bellarmine
Sydney Race, Bellarmine
Rachel Rawson, Bellarmine**
Amy Schwarber, Bellarmine**
Mariah Schwenk, Bellarmine***
Virginia Steilberg, Bellarmine**
Whitney Thomas, Bellarmine
Sarah Turi, Bellarmine****
Briana Ulanowski, Bellarmine***
Margaret Wagner, Bellarmine
Rachel Whitman, Bellarmine**
Bailey BredenbeckCorp, Bellarmine***
Paula Byrns, Bellarmine
Phoenix Fowler, Bellarmine
Alyson Harmeling, Bellarmine
Lucy Heidrich, Bellarmine*****
Paige Stewart, Bellarmine


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