February 17th, 2014

BU men's and women's tennis whip Centre

John Spugnardi

Bellarmine University S.I.D.

BU men's and women's tennis whip Centre
photo from bellarmine.edu/athletics / photo by John Sommers II

Bellarmine Women Tennis

The Bellarmine University women's tennis team won their fourth match on the season in turning back the visiting Centre College Colonels 8-1 in a match at the Bellarmine Sport, Recreation and Fitness Center (SuRF).

"Even though the final score shows us winning 8-1, we really had to work hard as the Centre squad never gave up and fought for every point to the very end," said Bellarmine Coach John Mican.

Sophomore Caitlin Hanley continues to have an outstanding spring. Except for a close loss to UMSL's Natalia Carvalhais (the Midwest Region's 11th ranked player), Hanley has outscored her opponents 36 games to three this spring. 

"Today Caitlin played like she had some place to go as she ran through her opponent in just over 30 minutes," Mican said. "Caitlin has found the right balance of power and consistency, playing good defense when needed but looking to attack and go for her shots while brilliantly working the point."

Michelle McFerran earned another win at the number one singles position giving her a combined singles and doubles record of 9-1 in dual matches this year.  

Evann Waschuk earned her 55th and 56th victories as a Knight today, surpassing the total of two former standout players from Bellarmine's class of 2007--Monica Penon and Jenna Hurt.  Waschuk now is number 14 on the all time wins list.

"Both Evann and Michelle are playing superbly and they continue to work hard to improve," said Mican. "They started out a little slow in doubles today, but once they were on track, they never looked back despite the resiliency of their opponents."

Elizabeth Crush, Jamie Claeys and Abby Dorton all won arduous singles matches. "I was proud of how well the players supported one another throughout the long day of tennis," Mican said.


1. McFerran, Michelle (BU) def. Hayes, Kathryn (CC) 6-3, 6-2

2. Waschuk, Evann (BU) def. Tomey, Kate (CC) 6-2, 6-3

3. Hanley, Caitlin (BU) def. McEvogue, Molly (CC) 6-1, 6-0

4. Crush, Elizabeth (BU) def. Howard, Katie (CC) 7-5, 6-3

5. Claeys, Jamie (BU) def. Tudor, Abby (CC) 6-1, 1-6, 10-4

6. Dorton, Abby (BU) def. Pitt, Maddie (CC) 8-4


1. McFerran, Michelle/Waschuk, Evann (BU) def. Hayes, Kathryn/McEvogue, Molly (CC) 8-4

2. Thompson, Sydney/Hanley, Caitlin (BU) def. Delong, Courney/Tomey, Kate (CC) 8-1

3. Tudor, Abby/Howard, Katie (CC) def. Tucker, Madeline/Crush, Elizabeth (BU) 8-1


The Bellarmine University men's tennis team shut out the visiting Centre College Colonels 9-0 in a dual tennis match played at the Bellarmine Sport, Recreation and Fitness Center.

"Senior Chip Jabaley did a great job subbing in at three doubles, picking up a point with captain Alan Gardiner," said Bellarmine Coach John Mican. "(Jabaley) also came through in singles with a hard fought win at number five."

Zachary Kuo, Jimmy Fernandez, Logan Knott and Jose Lagarreta all won both their doubles and singles matches in convincing fashion while Nathan Walroth rounded out the scoring for the Knights with a solid win at six singles. 

"After two tough losses against quality opponents last week we had a good week of practice and the guys responded well to some line-up changes,"  Mican "We need to continue this strong play and finish out the indoor season with some momentum that we can build on through the conference matches."  

The Knights move to 2-2 on the season and will host Asbury in their next action scheduled for Feb. 21 at home.


1. Kuo, Zachary (BU) def. Rini, Woody (CC) 6-1, 6-1

2. Fernandez, Jimmy (BU) def. Henzie, Logan (CC) 6-3, 6-1

3. Knott, Logan (BU) def. Wermeling, Alex (CC) 6-0, 6-0

4. Legarreta, Jose (BU) def. Brooks, Luke (CC) 6-0, 6-0

5. Jabaley, Chip (BU) def. Smith, Caleb (CC) 6-3, 7-6 (7-5)

6. Walroth, Nathan (BU) def. Richardson, Carter (CC) 6-2, 6-0


1. Kuo, Zachary/Legarreta, Jose (BU) def. Rini, Woody/Henzie, Logan (CC) 8-2

2. Fernandez, Jimmy/Knott, Logan (BU) def. Wermeling, Alex/Brooks, Luke (CC) 8-4

3. Gardiner, Alan/Jabaley, Chip (BU) def. Richardson, Carter/Miller, Dan (CC) 8-2


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