July 17th, 2014

John Paul archery competes in world championship

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Conor Revell

Staff Writer

John Paul archery competes in world championship
The John Paull II Academy archery team / photo provided by Brad Hartley

The John Paul II Academy middle school archery team participated in the World Championships this past weekend in Madison, Wisc.

“It was a wonderful experience for the kids,” head coach Brad Hartley said. “Everyone from all over the country and world were very excited to be there and represent their towns. It’s such a high level of archery and competition.”

With 21 participants, the Titans fared well and placed 22nd out of 52 teams in their age group. The top four boys, the top four girls, and then the next top four regardless of gender formulated John Paul’s score even though all 21 archers shot.

“Your score ends up being with those 12 players,” Hartley said. “The key to having a successful team is to have a variety of female and male archers and having a large team. It’s 100 percent a team sport. We actually have 24 archers but three couldn’t make the trip.”

John Paul took first place in the city tournament to qualify for the state tournament. They then rolled through the state and national tournament to earn a spot in the world championships. The team averaged a 260 score throughout each event.

In each event, the archers shoot from 10 meters and then 15 meters. April Dong led the way and placed sixth in the sixth grade class which means she is the sixth best shooter for her age group in the entire world.

“April is a focused individual,” Hartley said. “She’s very good at doing the same thing every single time. Her shot sequence is the same every time and she’s very good arrow to arrow and recognizing what she needs to change every time she shoots. She’s very in tune to her surrounding and her body movement when she shoots.”

But it was about more than just archery. Outside of the arena, the kids got to mingle, swim, and meet new friends at the hotel.

“It was really neat for the kids to talk to other kids and find out how far they came from and what method of travel they had to use,” Hartley said. Some traveled by car, RV, and some teams had to fly in. The kids got to meet up in the hotel in the lobby and at the pool. That was a great experience for the kids as they developed quick friendships.”



Score: 3161

Tens: 108

Rank: 22 out of 52


1. April Dong (282) – Tens: 15

2. Kyle Sears (280) – Tens: 16

3. Holly Kissel (268) – Tens: 8

4. Shayla Walker (266) – Tens: 12

5. Marie Choi (265) – Tens: 11

6. Lilly Clements (264) – Tens: 7

7. Chris Goens (259) – Tens: 6

8. Matthew Thorpe (259) – Tens: 4

9. Morgan Meyers (258) – Tens: 10

10. James Mercke (258) – Tens: 4

11. Rosemary Dong (251) – Tens: 7 

12. Amanda Fautz (251) – Tens: 7

13. Amber Downs (251) – Tens: 4



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