May 19th, 2018

Rocks win Class 3-A title, St. X second

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Conor Revell

Staff Writer

Rocks win Class 3-A title, St. X second
Trinity with the state championship trophy / photo by Conor Revell

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Last year the Trinity track and field team felt like that the KHSAA screwed their squad out of a state championship as the 4x800 relay was cancelled and that gave Male the Class 3-A state championship.

It was stormy again, but the Class 3-A state meet was ran in its entirety, and the Shamrocks walked away victorious scoring 87 points winning their first team state title since 2006 and fourth in school history Saturday at the University of Kentucky Outdoor Track and Field Complex.  

“This is great,” Trinity head coach Scott Holzknecht said. “We had six state champions, all seniors. There was a want, a sense of urgency after what happened last year. I was thinking about Jacob Burnam who didn’t get to run in his event. He came out and was the anchor and won the 800. I depended on guys like him all-season long.”

A storybook ending for Trevor Warren who will go down as a legend when it comes to running at Trinity.

“I could not ask for a better way to end my career,” Warren said. “This is awesome. We were really disappointed last year after not being able to finish. Today is just proof that we belong at the top.”

St. X was second with 60 points while Male, last year’s state champ, finished with 56 points.

“We’re very pleased with how we did today and how we handled the weather,” St. X head coach Stephanie Tebbe said. “We were seeded fourth and it’s always nice to see the guys over achieve and pick up points that we didn’t expect to get.”

Grady Shiflet agreed with his coach.

“I thought we did extremely well today,” Shiflet said. “I don’t think many expected us to be in this position. I thought it was going to be a lot harder with the amount of competition here.”

Trinity had a historic day winning six events while the Tigers brought home two championships.

Warren was a stud and won two individual championships to lead Trinity. Ryan Boyle, Jacob Burnam, Robbie Springfield, and the 4x800 relay team also won titles.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Boyle said. “I have to thank my teammates for these past four years. It was just a humbling experience to work with them. It’s a great way to finish out.”

Warren won the 1,600 meter with a time of 4:16.95, beating out Paul Dunbar’s Austin Matthews by just over one-second.

“I wanted to sit on the leaders as long as I could,” Warren said. “I then kind of kicked it in after the one mile and I was able to pull it off.”

The senior also won the 3,200 clocking a 9:28.02, beating out Simons Kenton’s Kyle Martin by more than five seconds.

“Yeah, it was a great way to end his high school career,” Holzknecht said. “He was hungry all year, came in second a couple of times during the regular season. But, he kept training hard, and it was almost like a dream how it happened today.”

Jack Baum, Alex Cyterski, Nick Michels, and Jacob Burnam clocked a 7:57.67 to win the 4x800 relay.

“Our strategy was to watch the other guys in our lane,” Baum said. “We knew that we needed to get out fast, stay out of traffic, and get out there to the edge.”

St. X’s Clint Sherman, Nick Poole, Thomas Knepshield, and Eoin Corbett were in second and recorded a 7:59.49 time.

“Basically our strategy was to get a kick and sit behind the pack,” Knepshield said. “We then wanted to move our way up with it and stay with them.”

The 4x800 was ran in one heat and that created a crowd due to the time constraints and the threat of storms.

“That first leg was awfully crowded,” Burnam said. “We had to fight to get inside and I would say that was due to the overcrowding, but we got out of it, and got through and was able to push through it.”

It was a bit of a ride for the Tigers too.

“The first leg was messy,” Sherman said. “Everybody was merging after the first 100 so you really had to get out there for the first 200 meters.”

Springfield won the high jump with a jump of 6-04.00 and beat Scott County’s Peyton Shotwell who had a jump of J6-04.00.

Boyle won the pole-vault with a 13-06.00, beating out Eastern’s Luke Levinson who had a 13-00.00 score.

“I had a rough region so I wanted to jump as high I could,” Boyle said. “My brother John texted me this morning and said the best thing I could do is finish. The worst thing that can happen is that I break my leg. I need to go ahead and finish.”

Burnam won the 800 meter with a time of 1:56.53, beating out his own teammate Jack Baum by just over a second.

“That was the plan to stay together, we wanted to get out there, and cool the pace out in the front,” Burnam said. “When you have a race with such good kickers, you have to be careful, or else you’re going to collapse so we wanted to go about 60 percent the first lap and take it from there.”

Beck O’Daniel was the first Tiger to win an event winning the 300 meter hurdle with a 38.62 time, beating out Ballard’s Christian Horton by a half a second.

“In the 300 hurdles, it has been close for me all-year,” O’Daniel said. “I told myself that I was going to get to the outside and make up the staggers within the first few hurdles, once I made up the staggers, I was at the top.”

Zack Martinez, Eoin Corbett, Grady Shiflet, and Beck O'Daniel gave St. X their second victory in the 4x400 relay with a 3:23.48 time, beating Fern Creek’s 3:27.37 time.

“Winning this event was a great way to end the season,” Corbett said. “A lot of us are only juniors so I feel real good about next season.”

Alex Wilson, David Spalding, James Moore, and Elijah Moore (4x200 meter relay, second place), Springfield (long jump, second place), James Moore, Elijah Moore, Alex Wilson, and David Spalding (4x100 meter relay, sixth place) also scored points for the Rocks.

“Robbie has played basketball for the past four years and this was his first year doing track and field,” Holzknecht said. “His performance made it surreal with how well we did today. Everywhere I turned we were going a bit above and beyond where I expected today.”

O’Daniel (100 meter dash, eighth place), Corbett (800 meter, fifth place), Shiflet (1,600, third place), Patrick Schaefer (1,600, sixth place), Nick Erwin, Zack Martinez, Anthony Woods, and O’Daniel (4x100 relay, third place) also scored for the Tigers.

“We picked up more points than we expected to in the two miles,” Tebbe said. “We weren’t supposed to score in that and we ended up scoring two guys and that was a big swing for us.”


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