June 24th, 2018

Ben Rhodes’ cruel stretch of bad luck continues.

Jeff Woods 

Staff Writer 

Ben Rhodes’ cruel stretch of bad luck continues.
Ben Rhodes / file photo

The Louisville native was running fifth at Gateway Saturday night when his Ford F-150 lost power just before a restart with seven laps to go. Rhodes needed a push back to pit road and finished 19th, three laps down.

“We’re still kind of confused by it,” said Rhodes. “For whatever reason, the battery went dead and with these electronic motors and electronic fuel injection – everything running off electricity versus a built motor – everything dies. The whole truck just shut down and when that happened I couldn’t even keep the thing running.

“We’re just beyond belief at this point. We’re not really sure why it keeps happening to us.”

Rhodes was behind the eight-ball before the race even started. He crashed his primary truck during practice earlier in the day and was forced to go to a backup truck, meaning he would have to start the race from the rear of the field.

However, his troubles were just getting started.

Rhodes had to pit on the first lap of the race because of a flat tire. The unscheduled stop put him a lap down to the leader and it took him nearly half the race to get it back.

“We blew a tire in practice and hit the wall and went to a backup,” said Rhodes. “Somehow while dropping to the rear we cut another tire down and almost hit the wall going into the first corner on the first lap.”

Once Rhodes was back on the lead lap, he charged to the front. It took him less than 30 laps to climb into the top ten and by lap 113, he was in the top five. At this point it appeared Rhodes’ bad luck was behind him.

Unfortunately for Rhodes, that was not the case.

“It’s disappointing to see that our speed was good enough to win the pole and win the race, but things outside of our control are just killing us,” said Rhodes. “Now we’ve gone from second in the points earlier in the season to eighth. Pretty much the only way to guarantee a playoff spot is to win. And that’s from no fault of our own, just things that we can’t control.”

Rhodes will get another chance to reverse his misfortunes next Friday at Chicagoland. Race coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. on Fox Sports 1. 


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