June 26th, 2018

Most surprising LCSN male stories of 2018

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Conor Revell

Staff Writer

Most surprising LCSN male stories of 2018
Will Wolford, former St. Xavier football coach, resigned just before Christmas / file photo

The surprising and the unsurprising happen every school year, the LCSN schools always have that high level of expectation on the field, win or lose. Here’s a look at the surprising male LCSN stories of the year – good and bad – this list may have some that may not be that surprising but streaks came to an end, and that’s worthy enough to make the list.

5. DeSales football falls to CAL in the playoffs

Perhaps the writing was on the wall. The Colts won the regular season game for the first time in six year, but then lost in the playoffs to the Centurions for the first time in six years. To make matters worse, it was the first and only loss of the season for DeSales.


4. Will Wolford resigns as St. Xavier’s football coach

Many saw it coming, others didn’t. The fifth-year head coach got the Tigers to the Class 6-A state championship game before losing to longtime archrival Trinity. Wolford announce his resignation several weeks later.


3. Holy Cross gets over the hump – wins first cross country state title

The Cougars had come oh, so, close to winning a state cross country state title. It finally happened this past November.


2. St. X lacrosse gets back on top with blowout win in the state finals

Trinity won the regular season game with ease and many lacrosse fans were excited for this year’s state title game thinking it would be epic. Wrong. The Tigers won in blowout fashion.


1. St. Xavier and Trinity golf finish No. 2 and No. 3 after being the top two teams all-year

These golf juggernauts were supposed to battle it out for a state title and were tied with a two-stroke lead going into the final day. Lexington Christian Academy had other plans and walked with away with the state championship.



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