September 15th, 2018

St. X wins Trinity Invite, Rocks third, Cougars fifth

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Conor Revell

Staff Writer

St. X wins Trinity Invite, Rocks third, Cougars fifth
Shane Williams was Trinity's top runner / photo by Conor Revell

The Trinity Invite is the oldest cross country event in Kentucky and is one of the most prestigious meets in the Ohio Valley region.

St. Xavier scored 88 points and nudged out Cincinnatti St. Xavier by two points to win the event for just the second time in school history Saturday at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park.

“We were trying to run in a pack today and was able to get enough of a pack in-front of their pack to win,” St. X head coach Chuck Medley said. “We were able pull it off. Our fourth, fifth, and sixth guys got us the win today. We were lucky to win.”

Trinity scored 123 points to place third and Beavercreek finished in fourth with 163 points.

“I’ll give our two top runners an A+ effort to,” Trinity head coach Scott Holzknecht said. “Then we had too much of a gap between our second runner and our fifth runner. Last week we had a much tighter pack. If we run like we did last week, we have a much better shot at winning a state title.

“If we run as we did today then I don’t think we have a shot. I’m disappointed with how we ran today, we can do better. St. X is a great team of course, but we’re not intimidated by them, and we want to beat them at the end of the season.”

Holy Cross came in fifth with 183 points.

“I love this course,” Holy Cross head coach Joe Buechler said. “It’s flat and fast. We love to come here. I’d say our team as a whole had a slightly off day. Keeton had some stiffness in the last mile, but still ran well in my mind. D.K. had a PR. He’s more of a miler. Our third runner is a strength runner and gave it a shot today and went out with the leaders. He likes hills more than a course like this.”

Lincoln Williams led St. X and clocked a 16:22.94 to come in 11th.

“I knew it was going to be  a fast race and wanted to go out fast,” Williams said. “I wasn’t focused on going a certain paced. I wanted to keep with with Eoin or Grady and stay with whoever was in-front of me. I was just trying to stay relaxed.”

Grady Shiflet was the second Tiger to cross the finish line and clocked a 16:39.03 to finish in 17th place.

“I wanted to run and stay out in-front with that main group,” Shiflet said. “It didn’t quite happen today but I think as training goes on and we all get better, I think I will be able to do that later in the season.”

Paul Buechler (23rd), Will Perrone (30th), Peter Schoenbachler (33rd), Eoin Corbett (48th), and Nolan Hester (49th) also ran for St. X.

“We tried to remind the guys that it was a hot day and not go out as fast as you normally would,” Medley said. “You’ll get killed in the third mile if you come out too fast. The other thing is hydration, hydration, hydration. Yesterday we told them to drink lots of water. If you get enough water, your body will hold up.”

Shane Williams recorded a time of 16:09.76 to lead Trinity with a sixth place finish.

“I try to think that everybody is dealing with the hot conditions,” Williams said. “You just have to keep pushing through. I didn’t use the hills to my advantage but tried to go at a quicker pace down hill. I went out and wanted to see what I could do with the top guys.”

Nick Lewis clocked a 16:18.15 to place ninth.

Nick Stauble (36th), Nick Michels (38th), Jack Baum (63rd), Logan Rice (68th), and Henry Wilmes (102nd) also ran for the Shamrocks.

“We take a lot of pride in this meet,” Holzknecht said. “Before the season starts they put a star by this date. My guys know it’s a big deal and that a lot of teams come from all over. We always want to do well in this meet. We don’t train specifically for it, but it’s very important to us.”

Keeton Thornsberry was not only the top Holy Cross runner, but the top Louisville finisher and placed with a 15:46.32 time.

“I knew the times would be pretty fast,” Thornsberry said. “They went out faster than I expected for the first mile. Then they started to slow down. I wanted to stay flat and comfortable and make my way up to the front of the pack. I think I did that. I started getting some side stiffness and that limited but it went away for the last 300.”

D.K. Schneiders was the second Cougar to cross the finish line and clocked a 16:17.78 to record an eighth place finish.

“The weather to me was amazing,” Schneiders said. “I thought it felt great out there until the two mile mark. I felt great out there and was able to run my race.”

Caleb Bolus (35th), Josh Meiman (77th), Kaden Hiet (92nd), Caleb Wiegandt (125th), and Chase Brown (132nd) also ran for Holy Cross.

“We’re close, but I don’t think St. X or Trinity has put it together yet,” Buechler said. “St. X is missing their top runner and Trinity is missing one runner. We’re close, we haven’t been this good in 25 years. We know what it takes and what it’s like to run with the best of the best.”

It was the first time the Cougars have ran in the seeded race.


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