January 7th, 2021

Bob and Jayne Beatty ready for the next chapter

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Bob and Jayne Beatty ready for the next chapter
Bob Beatty stands with the 2020 state championship trophy (photo by Eric Thorne)

Trinity football coach Bob Beatty is ready to write the next chapter in his life after 21 years heading up the Rocks he announced his retirement on Thursday.

Beatty packed up his whistle, house, family in Blue Springs, Missouri and headed to Louisville in 2000 excited knowing that was the only place he truly wanted to be.

Well correction it was his wife Jayne doing that packing.

While her husband was driving the 489 miles east on I-70 he had left Jayne home to sell the house and tie up the loose ends before heading out with their daughter Jennifer and son David (Trinity class of 2005).

“The first 100 miles on I-70 I’d be sobbing and the next 100 so excited I’d roll the window down and yell outside because I was coming to this place called Trinity High School,” Bob said.

What they didn’t plan on was making Louisville home for more than maybe seven years.

Well over two decades later he and Jayne felt the time had come to head back to Missouri where they have bought a home in the Lake of the Ozarks and can spend some time together without hectic schedules.

Will he coach again that is an unknown but more than likely it would be in an assistant role according to Jayne or Bob admitted maybe as a scouting role that he really loves as well.  

“He sure did love it here,” Jayne said. “Trinity meant a lot to him from the very beginning, and I think that’s part of the reason he stayed so long.”

In 1980, Beatty married Jayne, who is also a teacher and currently chairs and teaches history at Kentucky Country Day. She plans to finish out the school year before they completely move to their house on the lake.

She admits after 44 years of teaching she is tired as well but will not rule out teaching a few classes at the junior college nearby.

On Thursday with Jayne by his side like always Bob stood with a Trinity helmet to his left and the 2020 KHSAA Championship trophy to his right.

Every Friday Jayne is in the stands cheering on her husband and the Trinity football team. Bob also admits she mends a lot of the players jersey since they play an excessively larger number than most schools thanks to all the state championship.

They made the decision 20 years ago to come together and for the past two have been planning for their finale and return to their home state of Missouri and their new home they bought just last month.

“It’s been a tremendous chapter and I said there wouldn’t be tears but its hard,” Bob said taking almost 30 seconds to compose himself and choke back the tears that he couldn’t hold back. “We’ve planned this and now we’re ready to go.”

Athletic Director Rob Saxton shared some of his favorite coach’s sayings.

“Everyone on our football team is under a one-day contract so what are you going to do today?”

“As long as my team gets one more point than the other team then I know I am going to have a better weekend then the other guy”

“We’re going to win with you and without you, so you decide.”

“Life is hard. The pandemic is hard. Football is hard. We don’t complain we don’t whine we get to work.”

President Rob Mullen acknowledged one of the things that stands out is the life lessons Bob has taught his players and another saying of Beatty’s “don’t tell me what you’re going to do show me what you are going to do.”

There are countless one liners that Beatty has but its more so the undying love he has for Trinity, his players but most importantly Jayne and his children Jennifer and David, Trinity class of 2005.

Beatty was offered the Trinity job in 1999 but turned it down since Jennifer was starting her senior year of high school and he didn’t want to uproot her. However, one year later when Kevin Wright had to step away from coaching opportunity knocked again.

“We were at home and there was a knock at the door, and I said I would get it and at the same time the phone rang, and Bob said he would get it,” Jayne recalled. “The knock was a friend, and the phone call was Dennis Lampley here at Trinity.”

Flash forward to 2021 and the journey is complete, and Beatty is ready to turn things over to the next coach. He is always the last to leave the field, the office and the locker room and most times turning off the lights and locking the doors.

“I’m not going to be one of those guys now that will hang over the fence or sit in the stands, its going to be the next guys turn and the start of his chapter,” Bob said.

Jayne admits the decision has been coming and she told KCD in September this would be her final year and the prep for a new life after Trinity and KCD moved full speed ahead.

They sold their condo of 10 years in the Lake of the Ozarks in October and bought a home last month. Bob will now finally have time to do the things around that house he hasn’t had time to do for some 40 years.

Of course Jayne admits with a laugh that Bob did the same thing again and she had to sell the condo and work on buying the new lake house.

“I’m ready. We’re ready for the next chapter,” he said. “So many people have asked ‘what are you going to do? A lot I said I’m going to do a lot. I’m excited about it. I’ll start doing some things around the house we normally would hire somebody to do because I didn’t have time.”

As the Trinity gym was nearly empty Bob and Jayne stood with their arms around each other and Bob said when they were at their new home at Christmas an eagle flew over the deck and he look up and the eagle seemed to say “you’re home.” 


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